What Does Being Authentic Mean To The Artist.

This past week I started to read the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. This writing is about creative inspiration and creative living. I like the format of the book with its shorter chapters.  

This book has a more memoir-style format. You can read a chapter or two and stop for the day. Each section seems to focus on a creative topic for you to work on your artistic adventure. This style of writing works for me because of limited reading time. 

In one of the chapters, Originality vs. Authenticity, she discussed the difference between the two topics. After reading the chapter, I was enticed to go back and read it a second time. This time I view it with a deeper reflection of what she was saying because I found the topics intriguing. 

What does being original mean and, is it important?

Have you ever come up with an idea you thought was original and fresh in the art world? You do all the work both creatively and materially with a special gleam in your eye. A sensational piece of art that is exclusive. Then you put it out there on social media, proud as a peacock on a sunny day. 

Then you check your social media stats and find someone posted a response to your choice post. And in this reply, the respondent claims you can buy a piece designed like that on some massive online import company. 

After a few gosh darn-it’s, you finally have the nerve to take a look at the link they sent along and find that the artwork is similar somewhat, and you start to wonder if the intention was a good one or the person sending the link is trying to get your goat.   

Does it matter, should it concern you? Heck-fire no! Shake off the cold snow on your shoulders and neck. Feel the warm and brilliant sun on your face. Take a deep breath and know the universe was working for you with that creation you made. You will feel more confident and calm warmth. 

And you can show your respectful self and thank them for bringing it to your attention. This could puzzle the alarmist. Which makes it even more humorous for you. 

Originality is the one thing that unoriginal minds cannot feel the use of. A creative mind creates original pieces of art. Only the brave will venture into the unknown. 

Being inventive is critical but, more paramount, is keeping the faith and being true to yourself and your current and future collectors. And with that thought, we will venture into being authentic. 

What does being authentic mean?

They say to be genuinely authentic. First, you have to know your true self. Do not allow others to influence you to act differently just to be in their tribe. Be your own bright self, and ride your magic carpet. 

Being authentic for posting on social media.

Being an introvert type personality, I like to keep to myself. For me, it is rather daunting posting personal things on social media channels. And I often speculate how this translates in communicating on social media, website blogs, and other channels.  

Telling your story and storytelling is necessary for the artist. To develop a meaningful relationship to show you are human with a compelling artistic story and is memorable. There are a lot of creative types that are similar to the introvert me. And also pondering how to connect the viewer to their artistic story. 

Wouldn’t it be cool to create art and put it out there in galleries and online selling platforms and call it a day? Not having to dream up posts for Instagram to promote your art. Creating your art is what you really want to do; it is what you are compassionate about.  

I am sure there are artists out there that enjoy the social media thing.  Creating posts like flat lays and videos is an art with-in itself.  

The social media guru, unfortunately, this is not me. I would more willingly be dreaming up unique designs and creating them in the studio. And finishing up the day with a relaxed mind tea or a cappuccino. 

Extroverts find the social media generation and following posts energizing. But not us introvert types as it seems to drain us. And for an introvert to act like an extrovert would be fake or fabricated and unauthentic. Keep to your self-assured and confident nature.  

I would believe the best policy for posting on social media is to be genuine. And tell meaningful thoughts for us introverts. Be helpful, caring, and supportive to your followers. And please do not get hung up with your social media stats. Be more jubilant about the art piece you just created.

Post when you have something good and do not think you need to follow a schedule. For me, it seems I burnout on it and stop posting or reading other posts as well. Passionate and optimistic quality always beats quantity.

By posting more meaningful and personal thoughts, allows the introvert to reenergize for your next post. Instead of following a pre-programmed schedule, become confident and interested in your posts. By keeping to a modest amount of posts, hopefully, you will be more sanguine. 

Also, not worrying how many followers you have helps as well. You can have 100 people interested in your art and artistic style; that is better than 1000 who do not. Discover the ones that matter, inspire, and help you create. 

Be pure and truthful to yourself coming across as a genuine artist; is the road to being authentic. Travel the road that is meant for you. And the romantic moon that looms in the night sky will light your way.

Creative sources;

Flat Lay for Artists: Why This Fun, Photo Style Works Wonders for Sales and How To Begin by Thea Fiore-Bloom, Ph.D

The Authentic Introvert by William Irwin Ph.D.

How to Crush It on Social Media as an Introvert by Belinda Griffin.

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